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How Do the P2H Values and Principles Work?

Volodymyr Plakhov
Volodymyr Plakhov 12.08.19 3 minutes read

Our values and principles are tools that enable us to build transparent and streamlined processes, convenient both for our clients and our employees. They allow us to maintain the highest standard of service and promptly react to new market challenges. In this post, we’ll show you how we apply these values and principles in practice.

Accept responsibility, take the initiative, and reserve the right to make a mistake

Our company has a flat organizational structure. That’s why we highly appreciate any initiative. Neither the teams nor individual employees wait for anyone to tell them how to do their work. They make decisions on their own, clearly understanding that they’ll have to deal with the outcome of their choices.

Think about the big picture while performing tasks individually 

Doing your part of the work is not enough. You should also understand where it fits into the entire solution. That’s why we build every process in such a way that each of its participants could have access to the project data and take part in the implementation at any stage of the project.

Be unwilling to do a poor job 

You can do your work very well. However, no one will see its results if the entire process is not smooth enough. This value is aimed at the timely discovery of arising problems. As soon as something starts preventing you from doing your work properly, you should immediately bring everyone’s attention to that and suggest various solutions particular to the current circumstances.

Openly accept challenges and encourage changes 

The world evolves so rapidly that the clients’ needs, market situation, and technologies change almost daily. We constantly have to face new challenges. We practice flexible approaches to project management so that we can promptly react to those challenges.

Learn to listen and show empathy 

Communication plays an important part in everything we do. We interact with our clients,  coworkers, and clusters. That’s why the ability to intuit another person’s position and look at the problem or task through their eyes is so valuable.

Be honest with yourself, your coworkers, and your clients 

Apart from moral integrity and commitment to one’s duties, honesty supposes openness. We are ready to show our principles, values, processes, goals, and expectations to our coworkers and clients. We believe that it’s important to establish long-term, trusting relationships. This can only be done when we’re completely open.

Strive for self-improvement and share knowledge 

The fast-paced company’s processes and rapid evolution of the technology world make the requirement for self-improvement key. We place a special emphasis on the enhancement of our employees’ skills, the extension of our clusters’ expertise, and the improvement of the quality of our products and services.

Only in this kind of environment can you expect new knowledge that satisfies the present-day demands accumulating.

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