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How We Are Working During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Admin 06.04.20 5 minutes read

The modern world is facing very serious challenges that have affected all areas of human life. Now, businesses have to solve a complicated problem that requires unprecedented steps to address the crisis. Many companies have to modify their processes and organizational structures to adjust to the new conditions.

We are well aware of the situation and see it from all possible angles. We are looking at the current crisis both from a client’s and the company’s perspectives and anticipate some potential concerns from both sides:

  • We, just like our clients, want to continue growing
  • We, as a company, must keep our commitments to our clients

Let us assure you, though, that P2H is fully operational and continues working as normal. We are keeping up pace and providing full-scale project development services just as before. We have certainly reacted to the challenges that the company has had to face regarding the COVID-19 spread and the measures that have been taken to curb the virus. There were some factors that facilitated our handling of this task, making the transition to the new working format smoother. It’s exactly these factors that we would like to discuss in this post.

Some P2H History

We can’t say that we were not ready to rebuild some of our processes fast. Five years ago, we completely restructured the company. In a nutshell, our goal was to create a company with processes that were as flexible as possible along with the ability to find resources to solve a problem of any complexity at any moment. To achieve that, we adopted the principles of a flat organizational structure. Our employees were grouped together into cross-functional teams-clusters that possessed all the expertise to perform complex development tasks while working on projects. The clusters received the maximum amount of freedom in making their own decisions as well as all the necessary resources to apply their innovative ideas in practice.

By adopting a flat organizational structure, we removed several management hierarchy levels. This considerably reduced the time needed for decision making. As a result, as soon as the situation with the spread of the virus started to look grave, we were able to switch over to the new working format. All this happened without the slightest inconvenience to our clients.

Our Transition to the Remote Work Format

We’ve been closely monitoring the situation with the spread of COVID-19. As soon as country after country began imposing lockdown measures, we made a decision to switch over to the work-from-home format.

That was not something new for us. We’d practiced this format before. Now we only needed to apply that experience to the entire company. At the moment, our employees are working remotely. We delivered all the required equipment right to their homes and helped them set up their working environments. They have no shortage of technical resources and will handle all your projects under the same conditions and by using the same hardware as before.

How Do We Maintain Communication Within the Company?

To make sure that the entire company is in sync, we practise daily Stand-Up and Scrum of Scrums meetings. Currently, these are held online. Within just 30 minutes a day, every employee hears the latest news from the clusters and the entire company, learns about the workloads that his or her colleagues currently have, as well as about important messages from clients, new projects, and so on.

A Stand-Up is a daily meeting within each of the clusters. Our employees gather together to discuss statuses of current and upcoming tasks, as well as possible obstacles on the way to performing them successfully. It normally takes less than 15 minutes. Then, one representative from each cluster comes to the Scrum of Scrums. This meeting is intended to keep the whole company in sync. In addition, our top management gives us some important information here. Thus, no detail goes unnoticed by our employees. This is crucial as far as remote work is concerned.

We Welcome New Cooperation Formats

One of our values calls for being honest with yourself, your colleagues, and your clients. Our project and account managers, business developers, and top executives are ready for communication. They are willing to discuss new cooperation formats. You can always get in touch with us for assistance.

Our service model is primarily based on the need to elicit our clients’ requirements as precisely as possible in order to deliver the most optimal solution to them. The current crisis has changed our clients’ needs, but it hasn’t changed our willingness to help you solve your complex problems. Thus, if you want a new cooperation format, just tell us about it. We’ll be happy to work on your project. Contact us, and we’ll discuss our possible cooperation formats.

We are all now on the verge of a global shift. The world seems to have changed forever. We are going to do our best to help this new world thrive. That’s why we’re ready to keep on providing full support to our clients and help them with their projects as we’ve been doing for the past 17 years.

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