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Solution Design and Consulting

Business analysis

During project discovery stage we formulate requirements together with the client and help PO to understand better the product itself.

We use advanced tools and techniques to facilitate the alignment between PO and production team. Resulting documentation serves as a guide for business and technical teams how to build, launch and market the product.

UX Design

Fast prototyping allows product teams to experiment and explore various approaches to a business idea before selecting the one that is most valuable both from a business and user standpoint.

Our vast domain expertise together with extreme attention to details allows to turn your product vision into tangible graphical appearances and test your hypothesis with real users.

Onsite & remote agile development consultancy

Building agile ecosystem. This process involves and aligns all parties (client’s top management, business stakeholders, product team) through agile practices, tools and techniques.

Scaling agile environment. Building high-performing development teams in scaled agile environment (SCRUM, Kanban, LeSS).

Project recovery

Critical recovery services to get the troubled project back on track in the areas of governance, communication, process, technology and architecture, and quality.

We execute stakeholder interviews, architecture and code reviews, examination of SDLC approach. Our methodology experts create a comprehensive project remediation
plan as result.

Quality assurance audit

Audits are crucial for assessing the success of processes, products, and systems whether it is existing or newly-implemented. We apply product/system quality audits to an entire organization/system or a part specific to a function, process, or production step. Our goal is to ascertain its conformance with company policies, contract commitments,
and regulatory requirements.

The summary of findings made during audits can include specific recommendations and become the basis of Quality Management System design and deployment as well as quality standards (ISO, CMMI) implementation.

Software Development

Software architecture

Software architecture should be adequate to the business goal first of all. Our vast expertise in implementing e-government solutions lets us specifically choose the most effective and future proof ways of development. We always care for our solutions to be robust yet flexible and scalable.

Full-cycle agile software development

E-government solutions market implies a lot of unknown along the product development stage. Therefore requirements are elaborated progressively. They may change or even make u-turns so there’s no other way to follow those then being agile. This way we can stay aligned with business stakeholders and implement joint decision-making with product teams. 

P2H development teams are conceptually created to be agile. Every team member takes part in all processes the team’s involved with the client enabling them to stay on course as they move their product.

DevOps architecture

DevOps part of any public high-load platform is no less important than development. Granting secure application delivery and deployment, load balancing, fault detection and isolation are just some of areas of our expertise here aimed to serve the client’s business needs. 

With dozens of solutions developed our proven DevOps strategies streamline project live performance to go long way. We clearly see the architecture patterns most suitable for your own case and we have the means to implement those strategies in a fast and effective way.


Deployment and production monitoring and support

Continuous infrastructure, application and network monitoring is a compulsory part of any live platform. A set of monitoring tools and reports we provide lets you know daily basis that your system works properly and your customers enjoy your services.   

For the high-load systems we integrate the set of tools to detect possible and present issues
and alert the relevant personnel. Its primary goal is to prevent network downtime and crashes.

IT operations teams

If your product is changing dynamically or is subject to high load peaks it needs to have a well-working operations unit supporting it.

P2H IT operations unit is focused on delivering value to the clients by controlling and managing the specific tasks needed to maintain the services performance and reliability of the IT infrastructure. It includes key framework components for IT service management, application management and
the service desk.

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