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Who We Are

P2H is a global software company with Ukrainian roots

Our team develops and supports a wide range of services and products, from mass-market niche solutions to e-government platforms of significant social impact.

We enjoy working with awesome people, so we strive to be those ourselves.
We are into exploring the new and scaling great things, we`ve created.


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Our Approach

Our team is what we value most.

We encourage our teammates to develop proactivity, open-mindness and deep technical expertise.

We value our teammates over processes.

We tolerate mistakes and appreciate critical thinking.

Our Values

Impact First

  • Responsibly own our part of the job.
  • Mind the whole picture while doing a particular task.
  • Help and support our team members and clients.

Open Communication

  • Communicate freely and respectfully at all company levels.
  • Listen carefully and try to grasp it before answering.
  • Use the right to give feedback to anyone (we do mean it) within the company.

Critical Thinking

  • Put ourselves in others shoes to understand what is meant to be done.
  • Ask “what fors” and “whys” to find the best way to get the job done.
  • Be proactive when your role is crucial.


  • Be honest with ourselves and with the colleagues.
  • Treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • Practice what we preach.


  • Share knowledge with our teammates.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Experiment and explore.

The Following Points are Not Our Cup of Tea:

  • Bullying and harassing our teammates.
  • Communication in a disrespectful way, emotional abuse and blaming colleagues.
  • Avoiding the responsibility.
  • Refraining from asking questions.

Be a Part Of P2H Is More Than
Just a Job

  • Unleash Your Professional Ambitions

    We are looking for motivated and open-minded experts to bring their ideas to life. We have created a unique hierarchy-free environment that encourages creativity.

    We do believe that both achievements and mistakes promote professional and personal growth. 

    Each team member is free to spend relevant resources to find the right person, tool or solution for the task.

  • Enjoy All Remote First Benefits

    P2H unitizes Remote First working format. Although working from the office is optional, the company helps you to the book office or coworking whenever you need.

  • Get Full Support for Your Professional Growth

    At P2H we have individual plans for professional development, regular performance reviews and knowledge-sharing culture that helps everyone to grow professionally. Our multi-stack approach lets you explore new ways of honing your skills and applying your knowledge. Moreover, we highly recommend and strongly encourage you to do so.

We enable tectonic changes in whole countries and societies


Join US!