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A Job Seeking and Recruitment Platform

  • P2H built a highly functional online hiring platform that improves access to the country labor market and makes it function in up-to-date way.
  • Industry: Government, semi-government, for-profit, and non-profit organizations
A Job Seeking and Recruitment Platform


Our client’s country has ambitious goals. Revitalising the labor market is a central part of the country’s strategic development vision.

The government wants to streamline relationships between companies and foreign workers. Yet despite the abundant career opportunities, there was no common digital resource for finding these and enhancing the hiring process.

We combined P2H’s technical expertise with the client’s business vision and created an advanced online marketplace for recruiters and job seekers.

The solution offers:

  • One-stop online resource to complete all stages of the recruitment process – create a CV, apply for a job, have an online interview, get an offer, and manage papers for visas or contracts with a digital signature
  • Database with thousands of vacancies and job seekers
  • User-friendly interface for searching and filtering job offers and managing the hiring process
  • Admin tools for companies to lead a candidate through the entire recruitment process


The project is ongoing, but we’ve already achieved outstanding results and taken the job search for expats to the next level:

  • People icon

    10,000+ people seek employers or employees every day

  • Globe icon

    17,000 employers and 900,000 registered seekers job worldwide

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    Companies can advertise job opportunities and attract global talent at a lower cost

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    Expatriate job seekers have a unified source of information and standardized processes related to working in the country.


The functionality includes:

  • Job seeker profile creation with a completion progress bar
  • CV creation tool
  • CV search and filtering of a candidate pool
  • Admin analytics dashboard
  • Vacancy publication
  • Vacancy search and filtering
  • Interview scheduling
  • Video conferencing through integration with the Jitsi platform
  • Job application tracking
  • Job offer processing flow

On the technical side:

We created a new UI style guide and designed a new logo, making sure that the design and user experience solidly support the platform’s functionality.

At the back end, we introduced an event-driven solution architecture. This enhanced platform scalability, sped up the development process, and reduced network bandwidth consumption and CPU utilization.

At the security level, we added cross-service authorization and two-factor authentication. Our team also developed a digital document authentication flow based on the digital seal. This allows users to digitally verify the authenticity of any document uploaded to the platform.

We ensured the platform respected sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence, and inappropriate language by adding services to detect and block related content.


  • Limited time for MVP development

    P2H needed to develop a platform from scratch and provide the client with an MVP within two months. Meeting this tight deadline involved significant work: developing infrastructure, implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), creating several interfaces, and adding features such as filtration and an admin analytics dashboard.
  • Priorities and requirements

    While the initial task was to develop a solution that simply brought together job seekers and employers, further business requirements shifted into a fully-featured job site with a job interview planner, video interviews, chats with employers and candidates, Jira integrations, and more. We had to get these requirements right on the fly and not to waste the time and budget on wrong things.
  • New tech stack

    We identified Java stack as the best option for platform developmen but it wasn’t a part of client’s expertise’. The task of our team was to fill the technological gap and do all the heavy lifting. This means thinking of the required tools, initiating CI/CD, securing production support and maintenance, and more.

Team composition


Software Engineers


Solution Architect


QA Engineers


DevOps Engineer


UI/UX Designer


Agile Project Manager


Business Analyst

Tech stack and processes

Microservice architecture

Front end:


React Query

Back end:

Java 17

Spring Boot 2

Spring WebFlux

Message broker:


Search engine:


Global cache:




Video conference channel:





Monitoring, observation, and tracing:


Grafana Loki

Grafana Tempo



Future plans

  1. Introducing new features and integrating with HR staffing portal and employee skills verification services.
  2. Implementing platform monetization ideas — from premium recruiting accounts to paid analytics. For instance, job seekers will be able to use hints from the system to create the perfect CV for the platform. This will help connect job seekers with promising companies faster.
  3. Introducing AI features into all applicable services.

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