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Our Key Working Principles

Volodymyr Plakhov
Volodymyr Plakhov 18.08.19 4 minutes read

Once a client placed an order with us and wrote: “Do your magic as usual.” That was definitely the best compliment we could have ever expected to hear. It means that all of our processes are as smooth and efficient as we intended them to be. And we only wanted one thing: we wished for our clients to get their projects started as if by magic. 

What may appear as something incredible to a client, though, is the result of years-long work over our business processes. In this post, we will lift the veil and let you have a glimpse at how the P2H magic is really done. 

We provide small-scale services but still remain a large company 

We work with over 470 contractors. As such, we always have enough resources to handle a project of any complexity without delay. 

Our teams are organized into clusters that possess all the required web development expertise. That means your project won’t be tossed back and forth among the departments. One development team will be in charge of it from beginning to end. You can always continue cooperating with this team for any of your other projects. 

We begin development immediately 

Our organizational structure is based on Agile processes and Lean and Kaizen principles. We’ve always been aware of the fact that traditional outsourcing entails lengthy negotiations, protracted investigations, long searching for teams, etc. That’s why we deliberately chose not to follow this approach for the sake of our clients’ comfort and convenience. 

Thanks to the Agile management principles, we are always able to re-allocate resources in order to handle new tasks promptly. Our clients never have to wait in line — we begin implementing a project the day we are assigned to it. 

We are ready to show the development process at any stage 

One of our key values goes like this: “Be honest with yourself, your coworkers, and your clients.” In practice, it implies a willingness to show a client the development process at any of its stages. For instance, if you have questions related to the project cost evaluation or development methods, you will always get exhaustive answers to them. 

This transparency is retained within the team as well. Each member is involved in the project work from start to finish. That enables the team to find complex solutions at each development stage, minimizing the risk of committing errors due to some technical oversights. 

Precisely identify clients’ key needs 

The entire company’s activity is focused on identifying and meeting a client’s key needs in the most precise way. This is true not only for the Engagement or Project Managers but also for the clusters. 

In our workflow, a lot of time is allocated to studying project specifications, brainstorming, and holding consultations with experts. The reason is to avoid hasty or ill-considered decisions. As a result, the clients get a product made to their exact requirements. 

Provide service with a predictable end result

Huge resources and flexible processes, a clear understanding of the clients’ needs, well-adjusted development algorithms, the ability to handle projects of any complexity and their implementation speed — none of this would matter if we couldn’t guarantee our clients the most important thing of all: predictability of the end result.  This is the key position that our service hinges on. 

We are well aware of the fact that we often play the role of intermediaries in someone else’s processes. For example, an agency may place an order to have email templates built for their client, or someone may need a landing page by a product’s release date. In a situation like that, predictability bears a particular significance, since the results of other processes depend on it. We will do everything we can to complete our clients’ projects on time, every time.

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